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Construction redefined


What we offer


March 2018

Total Help Limited have been within the construction industry for over 14 years, with experience within the Maori sector, helping whanau with Social Housing and Marae, to Ministry of Education based works as well as working alongside Non-for profits within the Waikato, you can see we’re a helpful and caring construction company with a proven track record.

Renovations / Refurbishments
April 2018

We have a team dedicated to renovations and refurbishments, any task you require we can do it. We will help with everything from consent to finish. We provide quality work to government agencies, so why not bring it to the people?

One stop shop
June 2018

We pride ourselves on being a local construction company, that offers everything. We will provide everything that’s required, from architects, and painters, to consultancy and electrical - With Total Help managing all parts of the project, we’re able to ensure your projects are completed on-time and within budget.

What services do we offer?

We offer everything that is required within home and property maintenance, including but not limited to -

  • Carpentry - This includes Maintenance & repair, whether it’s for your business or your home.

  • Electrical - All your electrical needs will be managed by our team and looked after.

  • Plumbing - We love kitchen and bathroom renovations or refurbishments, we will sort all things related to plumbing with our team.

  • Roofing - We offer re-roofing, roof spraying & spouting, we’re good on a scaffold but even better on the roof!

  • Insulation - Our team have re-insulated, and insulated a lot of new and old buildings, come see how efficient our team is.

  • Painting - Our dedicated painting team covers everything from Gib-stopping to gap filling and level 4 painting finishes.


Community Based

With this much work behind us you must be asking why we aren’t driving the latest rangers - It’s because we give back to the communty as much as we get. Whether it be supporting local non-for profits like Angel Casts, or supporting our locals the Chiefs, we are always open and always giving back to the community.

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Proven track record.

We’ve provided works to a big part of the community. We have helped Marae with designs and projects that they require within Tainui, we’ve helped run down schools come back to life with the Ministry of Education and we have done outstanding maintanance work with the likes of ACC, local business’ and home owners.


Contact us and find out why we’re so damned good!

We’re a cut above the rest, so why not find out for yourself? We offer free quotes, and even better.. we bring fresh coffees!